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When all good things come to an end,
What will remain?
Will we be thrown into shadow, or an empty oblivion?

With empty hands, we fall to our knees
And wait for the earth to swallow us whole.
The time of reckoning is upon us.
Now pray, now pray to her.

The land is scorched and scarred,
The beauty has been laid to waste.
The waters blackened and poisoned,
Tainting the purity of our existence.
As the wind blows the ashes of our fallen nations,
New life is breathed within.

As thorns of steel puncture virgin flesh,
The earth shudders out a single cry.
She withers away, like the lonely rose
Suffocated in a field of snow.
She withers away...

Will we accept the blame?
Will we stand up and fight for change?
Wake up and hear the message.
This shit has got to go.
Wake up.
Wake up.


from Atlas, released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Invocation Milton Keynes, UK

Invocation is a project formed in early 2009.
Their sound is a blend of hard hitting rhythmic riffs accompanied by epic soundscapes and melodies.
The goal is simply to create and share music they enjoy with others.
Bringing with them the tech, progressive and melodic influences that have inspired them to do so!
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