So Be It [Feat. Abby Todd​-​Weller]

from by Invocation



Do you want to know the truth?
There is no greater pain than losing someone you love.
These words that I scream are only a fraction of what I mean.
A reality you wish wasn't real.
Only a fucked up and twisted dream.

No words, no actions can make any sense of this.
With clenched my fists, I look to the sky and scream.

I will remember.
All the things you stood for.
We will remember.
All the things you made us feel.
I will remember.
When all hope was lost and forgotten.
I will remember.
If this is all that remains then so be it.
Then so be it.
Then so be it.

We all bear demons,
We all bear pain.
But how we cope and survive is what truly tests us.

Only time will tell, only time will heal.
Please tell me what I’m supposed to feel.
Rediscover and reconnect the senses that once made us tick

Kills me in pleasure, kills me in pain,
Praying things will be the same again,
Holding you close, breathing your air
Despair without you, I can't feel again

No one can feel it, feel this pain,
So fucking be it, I'll say it again
Pray hallelujah, amen to your God,
I dare you to try fill this space in my heart.

Light up the skies, forgive all your fears,
On your knees scream so be it,
It'll never be the same again.
Left with resignation of mind, heart ache and pain,
You've gifted me with everything,
I hope I did the same.

I've been at war with myself for far too long
The demons inside were always so strong.
I never thought I'd see a day, where I'd wake up never feeling like this way.


from Atlas, released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Invocation Milton Keynes, UK

Invocation is a project formed in early 2009.
Their sound is a blend of hard hitting rhythmic riffs accompanied by epic soundscapes and melodies.
The goal is simply to create and share music they enjoy with others.
Bringing with them the tech, progressive and melodic influences that have inspired them to do so!
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