Atlas (Ascent)

from by Invocation




Suffocating, this flesh grey and rotting.
Crawling through this cold, dead earth.
Scars flayed, worms call you their home.
There is nothing left to call your own.

Bones broken, body diseased.
There is nothing left to breathe.
This darkness confines you.
As life is choked from beneath.


Once a man who stood so tall,
Atop a throne which conquered all.
The fate of man rested on your shoulders,
A weight, a burden no mortal could bear.
Dethroned, toppled and shunned.
All in the name of a pathetic greed
And a lust for a so called progression.
All these lies built upon lies.

Across this wasteland you witness their demise,
Man versus man, like animals fighting to survive,
In an inevitable apocalypse.
All you stood for is now laid to waste.

Was it all for nothing?
All the lies have taken their toll.



from Atlas, released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Invocation Milton Keynes, UK

Invocation is a project formed in early 2009.
Their sound is a blend of hard hitting rhythmic riffs accompanied by epic soundscapes and melodies.
The goal is simply to create and share music they enjoy with others.
Bringing with them the tech, progressive and melodic influences that have inspired them to do so!
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